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Painting of Brake Calipers On-Site and Workshop
Providing Heat Proof Logos for DIY projects
Rust proofing wheel hubs / painting wheel hubs
Alloy wheel repairs and re-sprays

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We offer custom painting and restoration of Brake Calipers for All Makes and All models of cars.
We can also apply a logo or decal to the caliper and remove rust from wheel hubs where needed.

Restored / Painted brake calipers are a great compliment for alloy wheels and create a subtle and well noticeable look for the car.

Having your brake calipers professionaly painted means that you are getting a 3 stage process, Primer , Colour and Clear Coating.

There are many colour combinations that need to be concidered when painting your brake calipers and we can provide you some examples of what works well.
Visit our Image Gallery and Decals pages for some good ideas

The most common is painting the brake calipers in RED, it is a traditional sports look and is adopted by Porsche Classics, Citroen, Brembo and other major brands such as Ferrari and Mercedes AMG.

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A little bit about us

Easy Calipers started out in a back yard painting calipers for friends and family , after experimenting with different preparation methods and decal styles the idea for a mobile service was born, this was the start of Easy Calipers.


We do not remove the calipers or any brake lines
We paint the brake calipers while they are still attached to the car
For more information on this method visit our blog

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We paint brake calipers , our process is to thoroughly clean your brake calipers before painting. We use steam cleaning and degreasing on your brake calipers before applying any paint to the brake calipers.

To paint brake calipers correctly requires some specialist tools and a know how of painting application, dont do this yourself unless you have experience with automotive painting techniques How to Paint your Calipers

The brakes and brake power is not affected by painting near the brake assembly. Places where paint should not be applied are the surface of the disk hub where the alloy wheels connect to the base of the hub. Brake lines are not painted and kept chemical free. Brakes are one of the most important features on a vehicle and we take every precaution to ensure the brake system is 100% safe. Just Commodores Forum - How to Paint your Brake Calipers XR5 Ford Forum - How to Paint your Brake Calipers Another guide for painting brake calipers Painting Calipers While they are on the car VS Off the car Deciding how to paint your brake calipers will depend on a few factors and this includes. 1. Your budget 2. Your time 3. The tools you have available 4. Automotive Knowledge 5. Type of Car 6. Reason for Painting them in the first place If you are restoring a classic vehicle such as a mustang or baracuda or porsche or old ferrari or old hot rod or have a long stretching budget then taking the calipers off the car and painting them is the best method. This allows for them to be properly cleaned and de greased in a solution pre prepared , air dried and paint will be applied all over the assembly creating a true painted finish and covering areas that you cannot see whilst the caliper is attached. The downside to this method is that it requires a period of longer time and in this time you will not be able to use the vehicle. Additionally nobody will actually notice at a glance the effort you have gone to. --- The easier way is to paint the calipers whilst they are still on the car. This will provide the look of a color caliper and observers would hardly ever notice that the inside un-visible components have not been colour coated. Painting the calipers whilst still on the car also allows you to finish the job in one day and have access to your vehicle sooner. Visually there is no difference. http://www.sitepromotiondirectory.com/computers_and_internet/tools_and_resources/ Painting Brake Calipers OZ evo easy calipers , painting brake calipers post

Painting Brake Calipers and Fixing Rusty Wheel Hubs in Melbourne

Easy Calipers on Integra Forum - removing rust from wheel hubs Free Listing for Easy Calipers , Caliper Painting

Can you paint my brake calipers ?

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Yes we can paint your brake calipers in response to can you paint my brake calipers paint my brake calipers

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Brake Calipers

Brake Caliper Covers

Our view on Brake Caliper Covers

We do not recommend the use of brake caliper covers. Brake caliper covers add an additional component to a braking system which is not designed to be there. Brake Caliper covers are dangerous and look unprofessional. We always recommend to either have your calipers professional painted or powdercoated instead of using brake caliper covers Brake Caliper Covers Melbourne Business Directory - Easy Calipers - Painting Brake Calipers Caliper Paint

Alloy Wheel Repair Melbourne

If you require alloy wheel repair or rim repair or damaged wheel repair in melbourne then you need to contact Wheel Buddy Wheel Buddy can repair alloy wheels on-site in melbourne. Wheel Buddy fix gutter rash and repair damaged alloy wheels. Visit them on this link Alloy Wheel Repair in Melbourne Wheel Repair Melbourne

Mercedes AMG Brake Caliper Painting

A lot of customers have been asking to convert their AMG Mercedes brake calipers from the factory silver to red.
We have also helped our customers to keep their AMG branded calipers by fabricating black brake caliper decals. More images are available in our gallery and slide shows. We apint AMG brake calipers.

We are looking forward to working with Mercedes dealerships to provide caliper painting , wheel repair and introduce the PRG group into the auto industry. We paint high end motor vehicle brake calipers and also do anti corrosive coatings on the wheel hubs of these vehicles. Easy Calipers on Wix.com - Painting your Brake Calipers Autobarn Gold Caliper Paint

Mighty Car Mods - Easy Calipers

My post on mighty car mods regarding our services can be followed here. Post on Mighty Car Mods Painting Calipers on AMG Owners Forum

Masking off Brake Calipers

Before painting calipers , they need to be masked off using masking paper. The best way to mask brake calipers for painting is to try mask off some of the brake pad. In most cases we try to mask off the brake pad, in some cases we mask off the logo plate such as the audi logo plates. This creates a two tone effect on the caliper and it looks great once the brake caliper painting is finished. Aussie Exotics Easy Calipers Post Painting Porsche Brake Calipers

Painting Brake Calipers

We are the number one source for Painting Brake Calipers. There are many reasons why someone would be looking at painting brake calipers. Usually it is due to having some new alloy wheels and to improve the look of the car. We can help you painting brake calipers on site.

Hand Painted Calipers

To hand paint the embossed logos on a set of brake calipers we follow a similar process. First we paint the brake calipers

Hand Painting Process for Brake Calipers

Then we must use a fine paint brush to brush onto the embossed lettering of the calipers. This will take a few coats and light coats and even strokes work best. After the hand painted sections are dry we must clear coat / gloss coat the calipers to seal the work.

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How to Paint Brake Calipers

For a full article on how to paint your brake calipers you can visit our blog which will explain How to Paint your brake calipers in detail. The best piece of advice we can provide is to use a good etch primer and allow it to dry off before putting on your colour and gloss coats. Always do light coat first then wait 10 minutes or so and do a heavier coat.