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Brake Caliper Decal on Painted Brake Caliper Example

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Brake Caliper decals are cut from a vinyl fabric and applied over the colour coat and under the gloss coats. We use a german grade heat proof vinyl for fabrication and this ensures that your caliper logo will not fade or peel for a very long time.

To secure the decals in place we use a high gloss caliper paint and place a heavy layer over the logo/decal. This strengthens the overal finish and stops the decals being able to come off. We highly recommed adding a caliper sticker / logo to improve the finish.

Calipers decals add a touch of class and a fantastic final finish for any enthusiast. It is however recommended that a decal should be relevant to the car you drive. As an example it is best to add logos or wording that makes sense in relation to the vehicle the decals are being applied to. Call us if you wish to discuss your brake caliper decal ideas.

Decal - Doing it Yourself TIPS

Decals need to be applied with clean hands to completely dry and cured paint surface.
The best way to apply brake caliper decals is over the 2k solid or DIY cured glossed finish directly after its cured .

STEP1 - Paint your calipers as per our caliper painting tips Click Here to Read It
STEP3 - Peel back your decal and apply in position of choice using your thumb to apply pressure
STEP4 - After rubbing over it with your thumb ..remove the backing surface

Choosing logo size

We recommend measuring the space available for decals on your brake calipers.
After painting the brake calipers It will be important to have the decal in the appropriate size.
Common heights for brake caliper decal lettering are 10mm , 12mm , 15mm and 18mm
Widths can vary depending on the length of the word and design so it is important to determine the height available first.

We make stickers for the following painting projects :

HSV Brake Caliper Painting.
Brembo Brake Caliper Painting.
Subaru Brake Caliper Painting
AMG Brake Caliper Painting
Alfa Romeo Brake Caliper Painting.
BMW M Sport Brake Caliper Painting.
Lamborghini Brake Caliper Painting
Lexus Brake Caliper Painting
Porsche Brake Caliper Painting
Toyota Brake Caliper Painting
Lotus Brake Caliper Painting
Custom Brake Caliper Painting

All Makes, All Models

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How are they applied ?

Decals are applied after the calipers have been painted and have fully cured.
Some people choose to coat extra gloss on top of the logos but this is not essential.
Our high quality vinyl is very glossy and long wearing it does not require glossing over the top.

Choosing your Decal

Please visit the below link and search for your logo there.
We can create a decal from any image you find on this website.
Brands of The World Website

For custom caliper decals or something outside the norm please call us on 0406 553 808

We only accept Local Pick Up we do not post Logo / Stickers