Our Respray Packages !

wheel and brake caliper painting packagesrim repair near me

Terms and Conditions :

**Wheels 20 inches or larger and or complex spoke designs will cost a little extra.
**Large Exotic and Supercar calipers will attract some extra cost
**Tyres off and balancing for low profile and 4x4 wheels will cost extra
**Seriously damaged wheels will add some repair cost

Tips on Colour Coice

Choosing your colours

A lot of people dont understand colour styling and palettes.
The trick is to stick to a basic 2 colour palette.
Any more than 2 or 3 colours and you risk the car looking like a circus show .
The most slick and beautiful Cars tend to use a 2 colour theme .

You have to align all your external colour mods somehow to the body colour.
You can find lots of graphic design charts online for which colour work well together .

Another good tip is to buy a colour swatch they can be handy around the house or with other projects but it really allows you to hold up a colour and get a very good idea of it working with your general theme or against it .

Black and orange or gold
Teal and black and white
Gunmetal grey and white
Those are some that we personally like that work well but it's up to you to experiment and put together something unique for you .

A red car with yellow calipers ,sure it might work for a Ferrari but it won't work well for many other cars so be carefull and think about how the colours compliment each other.

Wheel Painting Examples

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Satin Black Wheel Painting

Wheel Painting Information

Painting wheels requires specialty products , tools and materials.
There are lots of youtube videos out there showing you how to DIY paint your wheels using spray cans from Autobarn or Bunnings.
Whilst some of these wheel painting videos show good surface preparation principles , they lack the finishing touch.
Why would you want to waste all that time sanding preparing and cleaning everything only to finish it with a brittle and non durable paint.
At Wheel Buddy we use high grade automotive 2 pack paint for a very durable finish, we have been wheel painting for over 8 years and in that time we have found the prefect balance of durability and looks ,
we have a multi stage coating process and a full warranty covers all wheel painting done by us.
Dont leave it to chance, leave to the professionals to get a great result on your wheels.